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Why Call Carroll Tree and Stump Pros?

As trees become older and more mature, you may start to notice problems. The tree may grow larger than you would have liked it to or certain branches and limbs may be growing dangerously close to your home, utility lines and other structures. Dead limbs and rotting branches are also common in old trees or those damaged by storms, or maybe the tree has grown too dense obstructing sunlight and has been infested with pests. Whatever the work that needs to be done on your trees, Carroll Tree and Stump Pros is your best choice. We can trim and raise the canopy to make the tree visually appealing, take out damaged and dead wood and even safely fall trees in tight spots. Get in touch with Carroll Tree and Stump Pros if you need to trim or prune your branches, clear trees that obstruct a view or remove a stump that is an eyesore on your property.


When the time comes, we believe it is imperative that you choose a reputable tree care company. Your exposure if you select an inexperienced or uninsured company can be significant. Tree removal requires specific skills, tools and equipment.

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Using the latest and safest equipment available, our experienced employees will expertly remove hazardous or unwanted trees from your property with little or no disruption to the surrounding landscape or your daily routine.

Tree maintenance is important

Trees and shrubs add beauty and character to your outdoor space. Without proper maintenance and care, they can also be a huge risk to your home or property. Weak trees or branches can fall and cause structural damage or personal injury.

Keep your trees happy and healthy with tree service from Carroll Tree and Stump Pros.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on leaving each yard clean of any debris from the Tree trimming, removal and pruning process. If there is ever a question, or if you have a special request, we are here to help and we want to help you achieve the yard that you want.


Standard Tree Removal

When Carroll Tree and Stump Pros is contracted to remove a tree(s) for you our standard removal includes the disposal of the limbs, hauling away debris, and removal of the vast majority of the rakings associated with the removal.

Down Only Removal

A down only tree removal consists of safely taking the tree down either in the form of multiple pieces, if the situation allows, in one piece. The tree is then left on the ground where it comes down. There is no cleanup, cutting of firewood, or removal of limb material. This option is the least expensive and might be the perfect fit for the budget conscious property owner looking to reduce costs. Cutting it where it lays for you to move and stack is also available.

Low Impact Tree Removal

The final option to you is a low impact removal. This task is done by lowering all sections to the ground and, then removing them from the site in small sections to reduce drag damage to lawn or bedding flowers. A crane may sometimes be needed to perform this type of work. You can expect this work to be more costly than a standard removal. For this reason, this method is only used when specifically requested. 


When pruning trees and shrubs for the benefit and longevity of the plant, the pruner must have a good understanding of the needs of the specific plant being pruned. A Certified Arborist has the experience necessary to understand plant physiology and anatomy, as well as the way in which certain plants respond to pruning.

Improper pruning can lead to disease, insect damage, decay, loss of aesthetics, and structural weakness predisposing plants to failure. 

Carroll Tree and Stump Pros understands the individual needs of your trees and shrubs, and has a staff of Certified Arborists dedicated to the proper care of your landscape.


Canopy cleaning: The proper removal of dead, dying, diseased, weak branches, water sprouts, and conflicting growth.

Thinning: The selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, air movement, and reduce weight.

Elevating: The removal of lower branches to provide greater clearance from the ground upward.

Canopy reduction: (Canopy Shaping) Reduction of the height and spread of a tree.

View clearing: The selective thing of framework limbs or an area of the crown to allow for a specific view.

Restoration pruning: Pruning to improve the structure, form and appearance of a tree that has been severely headed, vandalized, or storm damaged.

Dead branch removal: Pruning to remove hazards currently present in a trees canopy, such as dead, broken and hanging limbs.

Stump grinding and removing

The process of stump grinding is done with the use of a cutting wheel that moves back and forth across the stump surface, chewing it into chip sized pieces. During the stump grinding process we  grind an area approximately 1.5 times the width of the stump to a depth of 8-24”, depending on the presence of rocks and other obstructions.

When finished, a mound approximately three times the size of the stump remains. This material is left on site for your use or disposal. If you request, we can remove these grindings for an additional fee. Wire locations may be called in if needed, however, items such as down spout drains, water lines, personally installed electric lines or irrigation lines and sprinklers, will be your responsibility to clearly mark as locate companies will not do so.

The stump grinder can leave some marks in the landscape ;care will be taken to make these as minor as possible. In situations where turf damage is a significant concern, we can cover the path with plywood if requested prior to the date on which the stump grinding is scheduled.

  • Removes unsightly and dangerous stumps
  • Increase curb appeal and home resale value
  • No dangerous chemicals for pets or children
  • Avoids digging up your yard with excavators.
  • Creates valuable mulch- useful for composting or landscaping
  • Recover lost yard space for leisure or landscaping purposes