Fall Tree Services Recommendations

Fall Tree Care

To ensure trees can make it through the colder months of the year, it’s necessary to ensure they are prepared for fall and winter. While most trees appear to be dormant or in an ongoing state of hibernation during the colder months of the year, the tough conditions can result in serious stress. The good news is, by taking the first steps, it’s possible for property owners to minimize stress and help their tree through the colder months – a little bit at a time.

If a property owner invests in tree care and professional tree services during the winter, they are going to be rewarded when spring arrives. There are several recommendations to use when it is time to prepare trees for colder weather. Some of these recommendations can be found here.

Use Mulch

It’s smart to put composted, organic mulch around and under the trees in the fall or in the early part of the winter. This mulch will help retain the water and reduce the affect of temperature extremes to the soil. Using a thin layer of mulch will serve as a blanket, giving the roots of the tree more protection.

Give Trees Water

During periods of winter drought, trees require water. This is the same concept that occurs when there is a summer drought. If the temperatures allow it, watering the trees during the winter months can be a lifesaver – especially for younger trees. Make sure to water when the soil and the trees are cooler, but not completely frozen.

Prevent Mechanical Damage or Injuries

Splitting or breaking of the branches can be caused by the accumulation of ice or snow, or by the rubbing and chewing of animals. A property owner can prevent issues by wrapping the base of the tree in a plastic guard or by using a metal hardware cloth. Wrapping the trees in a plastic or a burlap cloth can also help to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations.

However, it is important for a property owner to remember that they guards and wraps should be removed during the spring to prevent any damage that may occur when the trees start to grow again. Other damage to a tree may also be caused when shoveling or plowing the snow. It’s important for anyone doing this to be mindful of the trees nearby. Damage to the trunks and the limbs from a sharp shovel and plow blades can be extremely detrimental and may result in the need for tree removal and then stump removal or stump grinding services.

Prune the Trees

Fall is the perfect time to invest in pruning services. During the colder months of the year, trees are in a dormant state; however, it is also much easier to see the actual structure of the tree when there aren’t any leaves on the branches. The health of a tree is dependent on making sure that it is pruned properly. That’s because this service is going to help relieve stress on the trees and will keep them growing. However, if a property owner opts to try and handle pruning on their own, rather than calling a tree services company, they need to remember that every tree is unique. Pruning the wrong way or at the wrong time can cause a serious injury to a tree and make it much more susceptible to damage.

Plant New Trees in the Fall

Because autumn is when there are colorful and falling leaves everywhere, there are many who don’t realize this is also the ideal time to begin planting new trees. After cooler weather has come, the

conditions are ideal for stimulating the growth of roots in a new tree. After the roots are established during the fall dormancy, spring rain ad summer temperatures can encourage top growth.

Fall is the ideal time to plant burlapped and balled shrubs and trees. However, if the property owner plans to plant bare root trees, they should wait until later in the season, when they are completely dormant.

Fall Fertilization

During a hot summer and a cold winter, the trees are likely going to lose vital nutrients that are typically found in the soil. To help ensure that the trees get the nutrients that have been lost this time of year and that they continue to feed throughout the winter, it’s a good idea to use a slow-release fertilizer for replacing nutrients. It’s also a good idea to improve the resistance to damage from stressful weather, insects, and disease.

Brace Trees for the Cold

Winter is coming after fall – this is a given. Now is the time to begin preparing for the cold temperatures, frost, and snow. Any extreme weather conditions create a higher risk of stress for a tree, so it’s a good idea to prune, brace, cable, or have the tree removed if its in an unhealthy state before the ice and snow hit. If a tree is weak or if it has rotting or broken branches, it may not be strong enough to withstand the additional weight of an ice storm or heavy snowfall.

Find and Hire tree services professionals for Help

It’s a good idea for a property owner to find a quality tree care service to help with fall and winter preparation for the trees on their property. Take some time to research the options in the area and get recommendations from others to find the right company for the job. Remember not all tree care professionals are created equal, so it’s important to find the right company for the job.

The professionals can provide advice and guidance about how to properly care for trees in the fall and winter months. They can also provide pruning services, tree removal when necessary, and even offer stump removal or stump grinding if necessary. Be sure to keep this in mind and put time and effort into finding the right tree service and ensuring they provide the desired results for the trees during the colder months of the year – which is essential to ensuring their health and vitality.